Party Parrot World is Pretty Awesome!

Hey, all!

While the wait for Box Critters is a bit longer than I had anticipated, Rocketsnail seems to be involved with yet another world to explore.

If you’ve played Club Penguin in the past, you may recognize the names Businesmoose and Polo Field. Businesmoose was a part of the Club Penguin team from 2007-2013, while Polo Field was there from 2006-2015. These are truly important figures in the story of Club Penguin, right up there with Rocketsnail and Screenhog!

Well, Moose and Polo have been working on a world of their own, with some help from Rocketsnail. This newcomer is Party Parrot World, which, as the name suggests, is a world of parrots!

Screenshot of my parrot in Party Parrot World.

I was able to attend the Private Beta testing of this world with my brother on November 19, and it was an insanely fun experience, even given all the bugs (and there were a lot of them)!

There were quite a few silly rooms, such as the Pizza Dojo, the Aurora Cliff, and even the ???????, or better known as the Iceberg!

While the first chapter of the closed beta is complete, I simply can’t wait to see what the future of this world holds! If you want to keep up with the happenings of Party Parrot World, my brother and I have launched a brand new channel together. We are Your Favorite Parrot Twins! You can view the highlights of our first impression over there!

In addition to Party Parrot World, I’m keeping an eye on various worlds that are coming up soon:

  • Hedgehog Creek has been playable for a few years, though still very much in alpha stages.
  • Frog Paradise just started it’s private alpha testing. I have not been invited, unfortunately.
  • Bird Pals recently launched the ability to select colors for your bird.

In addition, even some older worlds are still available:

  • Like animals? Why not give Animal Jam a try!? (Membership at $6.95/month, along with Sapphires as a premium currency)
  • Edit: Just thought I should add Webkinz to this list of older worlds still available. This one is great if you want a virtual pet. (This one primarily uses a premium currency for monetization. A Deluxe Membership is available for $5.99/month, but it only applies to Webkinz Classic. There is no Membership for Webkinz Next.)
  • What about fashion? You might enjoy spending some time in Moviestar Planet! (Membership at $13.99/month)
  • Like to build? Blockstar Planet might be more your game! (Membership at $13.99/month)
  • Fans of How To Train Your Dragon will be pleased to learn of the existence of Dreamwork’s School of Dragons. (Membership at $9.99/month)
  • Very young children can explore the World of Jumpstart and Math Blasters. (Membership at $7.99/month or $29.99/lifetime, shared between the two.
  • Neopets is even still around, and has been rebuilt for mobile! (Membership at $7.95/month, with Neocash as a premium currency)

All in all, the future is bright for open social worlds for kids!

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